Everyone who’s anyone has done Brazilian Waxing or Shaving at some point in their lives. Have you seen that episode at America’s Next Top Model when the girls took it all off?   Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.


Brazilian Laser Hair Removal of your Lady Parts is the “in” thing this millennium.  Even the likes of Rhianna and Demi Moore believe in keep it clean and simple.



Most beginners try out shaving because it’s cheap and painless. Despite these advantages, shaving is only a temporary solution. It may also cause pseudofolliculitis or commonly known as shave bumps and itchiness.

Waxing is another popular procedure. But this method can be a little over the top painful. I know because I tried it myself. Waxing also needs some regrowth to be effective, which is ¼ of inch. It will take a couple of weeks or more to let it grow. For a temporary solution, it doesn’t seem worth it to pay 500 to 800 bucks a month for the rest of your life.


Thankfully, a more permanent solution is gaining rapid popularity. Brazilian laser hair removal has become so popular because of its speed and efficiency. In 6 to 10 sessions, you will immediately see considerable results.  Real LASER targets the melanin, the chromophore that gives color to the hair.  After your regular sessions, you can simply go back to yearly touch ups for those resilient hair or new regrowth. I myself am a satisfied customer of this treatment.


But is Brazilian laser hair removal for you? Every person’s skin is different thus the effectiveness of this treatment will differ for everyone. Some may also find that they are “non-responders” to this kind of treatment. This may occur if the incorrect machine is being used, the fluence is too low and the correct treatment time is not followed, or this treatment is simply just isn’t for you. So before anything else, the most important thing to do is to do your research. Don’t despair; I am here to guide you with my experience with laser hair removal.


My experience as a patient/ laser technician


There are many clinics that offer lowered, promotion service ipl, even diode unfortunately, with whitening. Don’t be fooled because they might be using using low-end machines which won’t yield the results you expect even after 8 to 15 sessions. Don’t lose faith though because there are clinics who invest on premium, medical grade laser hair removal machines like Lightsheer Duet, Soprano xl and GentleMax Pro (gentlelase or gentleyag).  But quality and brand alone don’t make an effective treatment, some of the efficacy is still dependent upon the skill and experience of the staff/doctors administering the treatment.


LightSheer/ LightSheer Duet – this diode technology is the gold standard in laser hair removal.  It has 800nm wavelength which penetrates the hair follicle down to the root.  It works by focusing the energy one area at a time.  The doctor or nurse can undergo around 2 to 3 passes for this treatment.  Upper Lip will take about 15 minutes, underarms around 20 minutes, and Brazilian around 30 to 40 minutes.  Fluence or energy may vary depending on hair density.  It increases in increments of 2 every session for best result.  This technology is very effective for skin types I to IV.  Those who have darken skin type will not benefit as much because fluence will be lowered to avoid burns.  I have tried LightSheer for my upper lip, underarms and Brazilian with great results.


Soprano XL – this diode technology has a deeper wavelength at 810 nm.  It has the same diode chip as the LightSheer, and is therefore considered the gold standard in laser hair removal as well.  It has 2 modalities, the in motion technology, which is the pain-free mode, and the HR mode which gives more concentration to treatment area like the LightSheer.  If the hair of the patient is still thick, use of the in motion technology is most preferred to lessen pain brought about by laser treatments. Treatment time for upper lip is 15 minutes, underarms around 20 to 30 minutes, and Brazilian around 30 to 60 minutes.  The further you are with your session, the longer the time of the treatment.  Just like other diode machine, this can be used for skin types I-IV. Soprano XL can go up to 120 joules, and is therefore a very powerful machine.  I have tried Soprano XL for touch up in my upper lip and underarms, and tried it for my Brazilian on my 5th session.


GentleMax Pro – is a combination of GentleYag Pro and GentleLase Pro in one platform.  It uses

Dynamic cooling device (Cryogen) to balance the heat instead of the gel normally used in laser hair removal machines.  It is less messy, and requires minimal time to complete proper treatment. Unlike the other 2 laser machines, GentleMax Pro can treat all skin types.  Especially for Filipinas, when your skin tone is IV, the bikini area is most likely darker.  Adjustments should be made to treat the area accordingly.  This is a very powerful machine, and interval is longer per session.  I have tried this for my upper lip touch up and Brazilian continuing session.  So far so good since I cannot continue until after this year since I am pregnant.



–       Patient should not wax or pluck the hair in 4 weeks.  The hair should be in the active phase for proper treatment.  You can read more about the 3 phases of hair growth online.

–       Patient should not use whitening products 2 before and after laser hair removal treatment.

–       No sun exposure after 2 weeks

–       Apply hydrocortisone if there is mild redness after treatment

–       Contraindicated with: skin infection, pregnancy, isotretinoin, diabetes, tattoos.


For more information, I’m sure the dermatologist and the nurse staffs will be delighted to accommodate any of your queries.  Enjoy summer, and remember that beauty starts from within!

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    Do you have promo for hair removal treatment for the legs?

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    I like your products……

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    Hi. Would you mind sending me a qoutation for the full brazilian removal? Also for the underams and legs or better for the whole body. I am a morena yet my area down there is really dark. Would the treatment be effective in my case? Where is your clinic located btw? Thank you and hope to hear from you.

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