Do you want whiter, radiant and glowing skin?  These are the results that you will see and feel when you undergo Skin House’s Signature Aqua Radiance Hydra Peel.  This is a perfect treatment for men and women with sensitive skin.

The treatment starts with a complete revitalizing and rejuvenation facial using only highend supplies sterilized before use.  This will help with blood circulation, removal of comedones and overall skin cleansing as preparation for the Aqua Radiance.

dreamstime01smlInstead of the Pristine dermabrasion diamond peel, the cool and soothing supersonic jet sprays with active water will gently slough off  dead skin cells, instantly allowing the pores to breathe and restore lost luster. This deep cleansing process penetrates the deepest layers of the skin while unclogging blackheads and other impurities, leaving the skin spotless and fresh.

After a few rounds, therapeutic vitamins and elements will be infused into the skin allowing deeper penetration of carefully selected ingredients that will be extremely beneficial for bringing back youthful luster and glowing skin lost due to constant exposure to harmful elements around us.

This is a treatment that every woman needs and deserve.  Give us a call to know more about this service.  We only use high end therapeutic vitamins from France for Aqua Radiance.

Treatment for:

– Open pores

– pimple scars and other discolorations

– blackheads, whiteheads and pimples

– sensitive skin that needs exfoliation