Do you still have dark underarms?  You probably still pluck, wax or shave.


Skin House Client Underarms Before Treatment

Skin House Client
Underarms Before Treatment


Underarms After Treatment

Underarms After Treatment

Shaving is the most common method of removing hair in the underarms.  It is said that the most efficient way to shave is to always use a new razor or to follow the direction of the hair growth.  Been there, done that.  Though shaving is a cheap, quick and usually painless method to remove the hair, one also get stubble hair re-growth, scratches, irritation, razor burns, ingrown hair and often, grayish skin tone.

Waxing is another common hair removal method.  This can be done at home or in a professional salon.  A potential problem withwaxing is that the pulling on the delicate skin can cause it to loosen when done on a regularly basis.  This could be uncomfortable and unsightly.  Though popular in the 90’s those who really want flawless underarm will not achieve it when removing hair this way.  Constant friction also contributes to discoloration. Again this is a temporary solution compared to underarm laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has been growing in both efficiency and popularity for several years. Laser hair removal for the underarms help to smooth out the skin and reduce hair count and thickness. The light of the laser hits the follicle and damages it which in some cases can permanently stop hair growth. A series of treatments is spaced over a number of weeks in order to destroy the hair root in all its 3 growth cycles. Hair can initially grow back, however it is thinner and lighter. Over the course of the treatment, any regrowth will be noticeably finer, sparse, and less likely to become ingrown hair.

Sessions for underarm laser hair removal are quick and relatively painless. Most people who have had laser hair removal treatments agree that the improvement is tremendous.  Provided of course that you are having laser hair removal done in a reputable clinic with trained technicians, and medical grade diode laser hair removal machine.  It is important to research on the machine and background of the clinic before signing especially those who offer prices that are too good to be true.

At Skin House, photos can be taken before treatment starts for future comparison.  This way, the patient can evaluate and see gradual improvement of the color and texture of the skin. It takes time to see improvement, and this will depend on the starting color and texture of the skin.  The darker the skin, the longer it will take for it to lighten.  Laser Hair Removal combined with underarm whitening will give beneficial results. Before signing up, a consultation will be done to know if the patient is a suitable candidate for the laser hair removal treatment.  If the patient gets the go signal, the procedure will take only about 15 to 20 minutes for a small area like the underarms.  A note regarding the do’s and don’ts will be provided after every visit.

The causes of excessive hair growth are as follows:

–   – Pregnancy

–   – Hormonal Imbalances (ex. PCOS)

–   – Thyroid Problems

–   – Reactions to certain Medications

Patients with excessive hair grown in uncommon areas should explore possible underlying medical reason before starting with a laser treatment.  Laser hair removal can only impact hair that’s currently growing.  They cannot prevent the body from developing new hair after treatments are completed.  Those who have facial male pattern growth or irregular menstruation should see an endocrinologist and should inform the consultant or presiding Physician regarding this matter.

Before making a decision where to have  underarm laser hair removal, here are things to consider:

–   Consider the price, relative to the treatment.

If the clinic is using Soprano XL or Lightsheer Duet, make sure that the technician or the physician is doing at least 2 passes on your underarms to cover the whole area.  The number of shots will depend on the size of the underarms.  Some even do 3 passes.  Make sure that you are getting enough especially if you got a discounted price.

–   You should have reasonable expectations.

Some might say they have only undergone 3 or 4 sessions and they have no hair anymore.  Again, the number of sessions needed by a patient varies.  It is rare for patients to need less than 6 sessions, but it can be happen.  Ask your friends for actual experiences, and consult with your dermatologist for realistic expectations.

Hair growth in each hair follicle occurs in a cycle – anagen, catagen and telogen.

Anagen is the growing or active phase or when the hair fiber is produced.

Catagen is the period of controlled regression of the hair follicle. This phase is when the lower part of the hair stops growing, but does not shed, and the follicle is reabsorbed.

Telogen is the last of the hair growth cycle. In this resting phase, the old hair falls out in preparation for the development of a new anagen hair.

Normally this cycle of hair production will continue for the duration of the individual’s life. However, various factors can influence, promote and inhibit hair production.

Laser affects hairs when it’s in its anagen phase of growth. Thus, patients need multiple treatments in order to disable each batch of hair as it enters the anagen or active stage. Hair cycle length varies depending on body part. Face usually requires more frequent treatments (about 6 to 8 weeks apart) whereas legs and back need less frequent treatments (closer to 12 weeks apart). Spacing treatments 6 to 8 weeks apart allows adequate time to target hair on most body areas.

–   You should go for a consultation in the clinic to see if you are a candidate for laser hair removal.  There are contraindications associated with laser.  So be well informed.

Go ahead and ask to see your technician or derma’s underarms.  Why not see if your technician actually believes in what she preaches.

Before and after photos to be uploaded SOON!  Allow us to use your photos and get free treatment on us.

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  1. 11-22-2012

    Hi.. I’m interested to undergo diode laser at my underarm and groin when i got home. I have vacation only 50 days pano ko po mcocomply ung sessions? Wala po bang mas mabilis? And if I undergone laser pwede ba akong mgswimming? And I’m using pala ung magic cream for my underarm pde ba Ako mgpa-laser if gumagamit Ako ng ganung cream? Please reply kase I’m going home this January.. Thanks and God bless

    • 11-22-2012

      Hello Apple! Our prices would depend on the sessions you will get. Will try to give you the best price for underarm laser hair removal.

  2. 11-23-2012

    Hmm.. Ang problem ko LNG ung time span ng treatment.. Di ba pdeng days Lang ang gap sa treatment? Cenxa na kase I have read na 2 or more weeks ang gap before ng next session e.. Panu kaya un

  3. 11-23-2012

    Hmm.. Ang problem ko LNG ung time span ng treatment.. Di ba pdeng days Lang ang gap sa treatment? Cenxa na kase I have read na 2 or more weeks ang gap before ng next session e.. Panu kaya un. Hope you can help kase interested talga Ako. Thanks a lot.

    • 12-10-2012

      hi apple! Sorry but we have to wait for at least 3-4 weeks for the next session. We have to wait for the hair to grow back before we can target and lase the hairs again. You will be just wasting money if we lase you without any hair yet. Treatment will be useless. Although after the first treatment, you will already experience the effects of our diode laser machine. You will notice that your hair will grow slower compared to before. Please call us so we can better explain to you the procedures for the laser treatment. See you!

  4. 1-5-2013

    Hi i want to go have my underarm lasered and whitened. How much will that cost me? When i got pregnant, my underarm darkened right now i either pluck or wax if i have time. Please send me your rates for whitening and laser . Thank you!

    • 1-5-2013

      Hello Netskee! Hormonal changes usually contribute to underarm discoloration. Some women get back the original of their skin, and some don’t. For better assessment, please try to see an appointment with us. Do contact 0917.8987546, 0917.5157546 or 542.4106. Have a nice day!

      • 8-25-2017

        how much is the underarm lasered and whitened?

        • 10-9-2017


          Please check your e-mail for the pricing of our lasers.

  5. 3-15-2013

    Is the payment for the underarm whitening together already with the diode laser hair removal?

  6. 3-15-2013

    Is the payment for underarm whitening together already with the diode laser hair removal?

  7. 5-4-2013

    hi! i’m also interested in laser hair removal. is there any packages or promo?
    i’ll go and visit your clinic once you replied on my comment, to find out how it is and how much would it cost.
    thank you! 🙂

    • 6-11-2013

      Hello Princess! Our prices depend on the number of laser hair removal sessions you are interested to procure. If you can kindly contact us at 0917.8987546, 0917.5157546 or 542.4106, we will gladly answer your queries. Have a nice day!

  8. 7-10-2013

    Pnu po kung hnd mag p dermatologist ung iipahid lng s black..

  9. 7-10-2013

    !my underarm is darkens kht hnd n magpa laser

  10. 7-10-2013

    Pwede mag cream kht hnd magpalaser.

  11. 7-14-2013

    hi, gusto ko po sana magpa underarm whitening how much po?

  12. 7-16-2013

    hi! free consultation ba kayo?

  13. 9-28-2013

    Hello! Can you pls send me rates on laser hair removal thanks!

    • 10-11-2013

      Hello Ann, please contact 0917.8987546 so we can also take note of your inquiry. Our prices vary, it depends on the number of sessions you will require as well.

  14. 10-1-2013

    How much per session?

    • 10-5-2013

      Hello Dianne! Regarding Diode, Alexandrite or Yag Laser Hair Removal, kindly coordinate with our nurses for free consultation in the clinic. The underarms improve when manual hair removal like shaving, plucking and waxing are avoided. 0917 8987546 or 0917 5157546.

  15. 10-17-2013

    do you use a machine for underarm whitening? I’m planning to have my underarm whiten. I already had my laser treatment from my derma before so I’m only interested in the underarm whitening. How much is the underarm whitening?

    • 10-25-2013

      Hi ms sylvia, we don’t have machine for underarm whitening but we do have several treatments for underarm whitening. Our Derma has to see you so she can better assess your underarms and suggest the best underarm treatment for you. Please do call us at 0917-8987546 / 2543987 if you want to make a schedule with our derma and if you need more information. Thank you!

  16. 10-24-2013

    hi,i just want to inquire if in this treatment, the chicken skin like underarm will be eliminated aside from hair removal.

    • 10-29-2013

      hi ms vita! Yes, not only can our diode laser hair removal treatment permanently lessen hair growth but it can also lessen the chicken skin on the underarms. We also just recently added the Gentle MAX Pro for You can also try our Laser Toning Treatment on your underarms for that smooth and tighter underarm skin. Please do not hesitate on calling us in our clinic for more information about diode laser treatment and the Laser toning of Gentle MAX Pro.

  17. 11-15-2013

    Will your laser treatment permanently remove the hairs in my underarms? Cause i had laser treatment (IPL) from other clinic. I already had more than 7 sessions but the hair in my underarm still grows after a month. The hair isn’t permanently gone. I want it to be permanently gone. Thank you.

    • 2-15-2014

      Hi Sylvia!

      The acceptable term by FDA is permanent hair reduction. However, in our experience, those who are responsive with laser hair removal treatments lose the hair after a reasonable number of sessions – me included. I have not gotten any hair growth as of yet in the axilla or underarms for years now. The one you tried is not a Laser, but a light bulb so the result will really be different.

  18. 8-26-2014

    Hi, I left an email. I been searching for a good services for my problem. I have oily skin, although they said it looks good, because it makes me younger. but i’m tired of it. especially, the blackheads. and I have some pimple scar. do you have any idea how much it cost, thank you.

  19. 2-1-2015

    hi po, how much ung under arm whitening nyo, because i’ve tried lots of products na and it doesn’t work.

    • 2-18-2015

      Hi Ms. Sherlyn,

      We have different underarm whitening procedures in the clinic. We have skin peel, whitening products and Revlite Laser for underarm whitening. Before going through any service, we would like to come invite you for consultation.

      If you still pluck, wax or shave, we would encourage medical grade diode, alexandrite or nd:yag laser hair removal for best results. We have all the best lasers in our clinic.

  20. 10-12-2015

    Hi, How much is the per session of diode laser treatment?

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