Hello Laser… Goodbye Razor!

Smooth and hair free skin can make you feel more comfortable and confident.  When you are happy with the way you look, you can conquer the world!

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic uses an advance diode laser hair removal machine.  It targets the hair follicles, making it extremely hard for hairs to grow back.  90% hair reduction is experienced by majority of the patients.  Usually an average of 6 to 8 sessions are necessary to reach an ideal level of hair removal.  This is because your hair grows in 3 cycles.  Some hair follicles may be stagnant during a laser hair removal session, and may seem unaffected by the laser. Some hairs may also be more resilient than others, needing more than once to zap, depending on the type, texture and density. Rest assured, this top of the line diode laser hair removal is compatible for all skin types.  Our laser technicians are also skilled and trained in choosing and rendering the correct settings for a particular skin type for a maximum overall hair reduction.

Note:  Don’t wax or pluck 4 weeks before Diode laser hair removal schedule.

Do not apply whitening cream for 2 weeks before Diode laser.

4 to 8 weeks interval per session.  6 to 8 sessions for permanent hair reduction.

On your 2nd session, please shave the hair 1 day before coming for your treatment.
Once patient stops manual hair removal like epilating, plucking, waxing and shaving, over all texture and color improves over time.  The need for additional underarm whitening treatments will be determined as patient progresses with the session.

Before the Diode laser hair removal treatment, the patient will be informed about the do’s and don’ts for safe laser sessions.  It is important to note that the patient should not use any whitening or peeling product 2 weeks before and after diode laser hair removal treatments. This is important to avoid complications that may arise during or after the session.  Take note that the patient can wash his or her face, underarms or the treatment area, and take a bath provided that the water is not too hot. The patient will experience heat transferred from the machine, with tiny bursts of lights in areas with hair.  2 weeks after the procedure, some of the hairs will automatically shed with no effort.

The diode laser hair removal machine at Skin House Clinic can target virtually any part of the body including underarms, upper lip, legs and even the bikini line with minor discomfort.  If you’ve been having dark underarm problems for the longest time, this is the first step to achieving that flawless (if not presentable) looking armpits.  Give yourself the gift of beauty… You deserve it!

Due to the yuletide season, major discounts await new and old patients.

Quezon City

170 Mayon St. Near Retiro St. Q.C.

0917.898.7546, 0917.515.7546 or 02.2543987



8006 Pioneer St. Corner United St. Kapitolyo Pasig (Inside Pioneer Center Supermarket)

0917.829.0990, 0917.713.1588 or 02.6310136


Clinic Hours

Mon, Wed to Fri 11am to 8pm

Sat & Sun 10am to 7pm

Tuesdays Off


  1. 11-4-2011

    Can I have diode after undergoing 4 sessions of IPL? I bought vouchers from an online site but the hairs are still coming back.

    • 11-16-2011

      Hi Mitch! You will have to start all over again if you had IPL. Diode is the machine that is used by hospitals and high-end clinics nationwide.

  2. 11-30-2011

    hi good afternoon..im interested with laser hair removal. i just want consultation with you. ive texted you but no reply.tnx

    • 1-17-2012

      Hi janina! Sorry for the late reply. Were you able to contact us already. Please call or text us at 5424106/0917-8987546 for your inquiries. You are free to come to the clinic for free consultation 🙂

  3. 12-1-2011

    hi SkinHouse
    I’d like to inquire what are your latest promos for diode laser?

    • 2-11-2012

      ahhhh, i find men with heialrss legs, arms, chest, etc. EXTREMELY attractive. ahhhh, go for it ! TURRRRRN ON

  4. 12-3-2011

    Hi. Just want to inquire the price if I want this done to my leg area. How much would it cost me? And how may sessions to permanently removed the hair. Thanks.

    • 1-17-2012

      Hi marie, our price for diode laser on the lower legs is 6k/session if you get a minimum package of 4 sessions. A person would usually need 4-6 sessions to remove hair depending on hair density. Better if you visit our clinic and have us take a look. Consultation is free 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  5. 12-7-2011

    may promo po ba kau regarding IPL. Diode and how much po xa? ty

    • 1-10-2012

      hi honey! Right now we have a promo for diode laser hair removal. We will discuss the prices during the free consultation. This way we can more or less determine how many sessions you will need for diode laser. IPL is not recommended for hair removal but for skin rejuvenation. We have the latest machine for diode technology so you are getting your money’s worth.

      If you dont want to pluck or shave your underarms anymore then you should undergo diode laser. This would improve the color and texture of your skin. Your underarms will become smoother and you will be more confident.

      Call or text us at 542-4106 or 0917-898-7546
      See you!

  6. 1-2-2012

    Hi skin house! I am very interested on having diode laser. Is the promo for the UA of 2,250/session still on-going? I hope I can still avail of it because I dont want to pluck my UA anymore. Thanks and more power!

    • 1-10-2012

      Hi Elle!

      Please visit our clinic for free consultation. We can do assessment for diode laser hair removal and underarm whitening. You will definitely love the results of our diode treatment.


  7. 1-12-2012

    Hi skinhouse! how much is your diode hair removal for legs? Could you provide price so I can check my budget? 🙂 Are there any promos for this? Thanks! 🙂

    • 1-16-2012

      hi Riku! Our regular price for diode laser for the lower legs is P8k/session. If you are going to get the package, it will just be 6k/session minimum of 4 sessions. Can be paid in installments. Whats good about our machine is that it is painless so you wont feel much pain compared to other centers who also offer diode. We havent experienced any burns here and around the world using the same machine. Come and visit our clinic so we can discuss more. You can also call the clinic at 5424106 for more info.

    • 1-17-2012

      Plus you dont have to put to put emla (topical anesthesia) anymore because we are using the painless technology. One tube of emla would cost you P500/tube. You need 3-4 tubes of emla for the legs. fyi 😉

  8. 1-13-2012

    I want to try laser for the whole bikini… How does that work? what are the do’s and dont’s?

    • 1-17-2012

      hi Irish! You can come visit our clinic for the whole bikini diode laser. We have a bath area here so that our patients can freshen up. After shaving, We can target the whole bikini area depending on your desired treatment coverage.

      You can put anti-inflammatory cream or ice if the areas treated experience redness. NO Hot bath, NO strenuous activities like gym 24 hours after the treatment. NO peeling 2 weeks after. And NO brazilian wax before or after diode laser.

  9. 1-17-2012

    hi sir/ ma’am! i would like to go for the underarm hair removal, however i don’t have ample money. do you have promos or cut from it’s original price? thank you very much.

    • 1-18-2012

      Hi may! Yes we do have a promo this january for diode laser on the underarms. 50% off from its regular price so 2,250/session only. You can pay in installments. We are using the top of the line diode laser technology. Call or text us so we can talk about it. 🙂

  10. 1-24-2012

    hi skin house! I am very much interested in your diode laser hair removal. I have dark underarms and I need to be hair-free before I undergo peeling.I would like to know how many sessions do I need and the intervals of each sessions.thanks!

    • 1-27-2012

      hi teenah! Yes you can have diode laser removal first before youstart peeling your underarms. You can still avail of our promo this january at 50% off if you avail the package . You can start peeling at your 3rd session of diode laser withus. Please call or text us for more information. Thanks! Rich

  11. 1-28-2012

    Hi, is the 50% off promo for diode (underarm) only until this january? i just learned about this service today. what if i want to avail a package (8 sessions) this feb? do i have to pay the full price (4k+) already? thanks!

    • 2-4-2012

      Hi Angeline! Please call or visit the clinic for more info about the current promos of skin house. Diode laser hair removal will not only remove hair but would also help whiten make your underarms softer and flawless than ever before. Please visit our clinic for more information. 🙂

  12. 2-1-2012

    Hi. I just saw this site and I would just like to ask if the promo for the diode laser is still on-going?

    Thank you. 🙂

    • 2-5-2012

      Hi cam! Please call or visit skin house clinic to know more about the current promos and discounts:) you can also visit our clinic for free consultation of diode laser hair removal procedures. You will love the effects of diode laser. You don’t have to shave or pluck your underarms anymore. We want to hear from you soon 🙂

  13. 2-13-2012

    I’ve been searching for a skin clinic recently and just found out your site. I read about your Diode laser hair removal procedures and got interested with it. I’ll be in the Phils by October and most probably want to visit your clinic. If i want to take Diode, can I pay it in advance before my visit, or should I wait until i’ll be assessed by the Dermatologist? and should there be any discount? Thanks

    • 6-11-2013

      Hello Junaira,

      I hope you were able to go to Skin House for our Diode Laser Hair Removal Services.

  14. 2-14-2012

    Hi, is the promo for diode laser hair removal for ua still available? thanks

    • 2-18-2012

      Hi! Yes the promo for the underarm diode laser hair removal is still available. Please contact skin house now for more information. Thanks!

  15. 2-17-2012

    Is the 2250 price for laser still available? until when?

    • 2-18-2012

      hi kat! Yes the 2250/session for the underarms is still available. Please contact skin house now for more information. Thanks!

  16. 11-20-2012

    What is your ongoing promo for diode laser hair removal and underarm whitening? Do you have a special rate since it’s christmas?

    • 12-10-2012

      Hello Kristine, yes we do have an on-going promo for the diode laser hair removal this christmas season 2012. Please call us at 254 3987 and 542 4106 (11am to 8pm) for more details. Thanks!

  17. 11-22-2012

    How much po ung diode laser for groin area..

    • 11-22-2012

      Hello Apple! I can e-mail you an estimate for the bikini or brazilian area, and also for the underarms as I have seen your other comment in another article. Just please be informed that our prices vary depending on the season and the sessions you will require. Rest assured, we are using a very good brand of diode laser hair removal machine.

  18. 11-23-2012

    Ok I have a short span of treatment because of my vacation. This January I’ll go home so please can u give me some detailed prices so I can estimate my budget.. I just want to get rid of the hairs..thank you..

  19. 11-23-2012

    Hi, I’ll wait for your Email thanks again..

  20. 11-23-2012

    Hi Skin House! Do you have existing promos now this christmas for diode laser hair removal? 🙂 Can you email me the prices? Thanks!

    • 11-23-2012

      Hello Lisa, since our prices vary, it would best to contact 0917.8987546 or 0917.5157546 for the current promo rate for our diode laser hair removal service. Love and light! See you in the clinic!

  21. 12-13-2012

    Is it ok to undergo diode laser hair removal even if the ua hair is not visible? what is more advisable, having ua peel first before having diode laser removal or vise versa?

    • 12-21-2012

      Hello Minnieme! When did you last pluck or wax? When did you last apply whitening cream?

  22. 12-29-2012

    Hi, been to diode laser for 5 sessions but im not satisfied.Does the procedure in your clinic done by dermatologist?i believe its different when it is done by derma vs just supervision.

    • 12-29-2012

      Hello Carlot! Our registered nurses are trained to perform diode laser hair removal with efficiency, but you have the option to have the dermatologist do it for you.

      Where did you have your diode laser hair removal treatment?

  23. 1-12-2013

    hi! good evening. good for men din ba ang diode laser? magkano po ba ang pagpa diode laser sa legs, medyo makapal kapal din ang hairs ng legs ko.

  24. 1-22-2013

    Hello Michael,

    Anybody who wants to get rid of unwanted hair can undergo the treatment. If you can text your name to 0917.8987546, we will provide the price to you. Please be informed that we are using the top of the line diode laser hair removal machine.

    Skin House

  25. 2-2-2013

    Hi! Do you have any ongoing promos for your diode treatments (underarm, upper lip, legs or brazilian)? thanks

  26. 3-12-2013

    After the laser treatment, is there a way to remove the marks left by waxing and plucking? is it another treatment?how much would it cost? im also interested when i saw this ad. Do u have sites near quezon city?

  27. 3-12-2013

    And one more thing do u have promos for diode laser treatment for legs? Many thanks

  28. 3-15-2013

    Hi skin house! I’m interested in your diode laser underarm removal and underarm whitening. May I know how much is the underarm whitening? Because it’s not written in your brochure. Is there a dermatologist in skin house who can do the diode laser hair removal? Is it by appointment if I want a dermatologist to do the hair removal for me? Thank you!

    • 6-11-2013

      Hello Kathryn! Yes, we have a Board Certified Dermatologist in the clinic. We can discuss the prices when you contact 0917.8987546 or 0917.5157546. We try to give affordable rates as much as we can.

  29. 3-25-2013

    may branch po ba kau dto sa Baguio ? magkano po pag face lang ? at applicable po ba yan sa kahit anong age ?

  30. 3-28-2013

    hi skin house ! .. meron po ba kaung branch dto sa baguio ? magkano po pag face lang ang ipapalaser at applicable po ba yang laser sa kahit anung age ? interesado po kasi ako

    • 6-11-2013

      Hello Anne! Thank you for your interest. Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic is only available in Quezon City at the moment. Should we branch out, it will still be in Metro Manila. It is normally applicable for patients 18 and above, or a legal guardian will have to consent for the treatment.

      We also offer services such as Masseter or Jaw Reduction (using Allergan), Sclerotherapy (for varicose veins), Skin Whitening, Mesotherapy (for fat reduction) and more. 0917.8987546 or 0917.5157546

  31. 3-29-2013

    I’d like to try it for my chest and abdomen since i’m very hairy. Please do include the prices and promos too. You may also text me at 0905-476-4653. Thanks

    • 3-29-2013

      Dont you guys have any feedback from the ones who already tried the laser? All these comments are inquiries. Just curious to know the comments of those who already tried it.

      • 6-11-2013

        Hello Arnold! Most of our patients are people with stature, I hardly think they would want to update others regarding their confidential treatments in our clinic. However, we do have some photos of patients in our Facebook page who gladly posed for us. We are also in the process of compiling before and after photos.

        We are using the top of the line diode laser hair removal machine in the market, and would eventually invest on Alexandrite and Long Pulse ND:Yag. All our machines come from reputable suppliers.

  32. 5-12-2013

    Hello, I just want to ask if I will undergo the diode hair removal, how much will it cost if I will have my lower legs to have a hair removal. And also do you have a clinic here in Cebu for me to visit and have a consultation? Thank you

    • 6-11-2013

      Hello Deserie! I appreciate the interest, however we only have 1 branch at the moment in Metro Manila. We will soon upgrade our medical grade Diode Laser Hair Removal machine.

  33. 6-11-2013

    I am already satisfied with the hair free condition of my underarms, can I transfer the remaining balance for another treatment like brazilian perhaps? I asked Kristal regarding this, and I have yet to receive a feedback.

  34. 7-9-2013

    Hello! Do you have promos for the diode laser removal this month? Thank you!

  35. 8-3-2013

    Hi skinhouse,you told that diode laser for UA should be minimum of 4 sessions.Asko ko lang po kung gaano kadakal ang interval nya per session..2 months lang kc ang vacation ko in Philippines..Thanks

  36. 8-3-2013

    Hi Skinhouse,you told that diode laser for UA should be minimum of 4 sessions.Ask ko lang po kung gaano katagal ang interval nya per session? 2 months lang kc ang vacation ko in Philippines.Thanks

    • 8-24-2013

      Hi Katherine! Have you undergone Diode Laser Hair removal before? If you are only staying here for 2 months, you can undergo at least 2 sessions. You can consume your other sessions the next time you come back to Manila. There is no expiration for sessions purchased. Better if you can continue your diode laser sessions from where you are staying in order for the treatment to be effective. 🙂

      When are you coming to Manila ms Katherine? 🙂

  37. 8-21-2013

    Hi i wanted to ask how.much for your jaw masseter face reduction?

    • 8-24-2013

      Hi ms tats! Please call us at 254-3987 or text us at 0917-8987546 for more details.
      We can assure you that we give reasonable prices for our medical treatments.

  38. 8-26-2013

    Hi Skin House!

    Can I undergo underarm peeling to whiten my underarms and have diode laser hair removal at the same time? My underarms has been my problem eversince and hopefully you have a solution for my problem. Can you please let me know the procedures on how i can whiten my underarms? Thank you very much Skin House! Hoping for your reply.

  39. 9-1-2013

    hi! im interested on the Diode Laser Hair removal. how much would it cost if i want the abdomen hair removed? and does it go with all ages?

    • 9-27-2013

      hi yuki! we already sent you a message on your email. Thank you so much for your inquiry. Please do visit us soon in our clinic. 🙂

  40. 9-2-2013

    Hello! I would like to inquire how much will it cost if I avail your diode laser for my forearms? How many sessions do u usually require for this treatment? Thanks and more power!


  41. 9-27-2013

    hi skinhouse. I read a lot about laser hair removal treatment and all the blog and derma said na 4-6 week na dapat hindi na na-a-arawan or you cannot expose to sunlight before and after the treatment. is that true because i want to give it a try on my beard area but hindi pwedeng hindi maarawan diba? so how?

    • 10-11-2013

      Hi Josh! You can wear sunblock with spf30, and avoid sun exposure by wearing umbrella. Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic uses Diode, Alexandrite and ND:Yag from Candela, USFDA approved Laser Technology. We are able to treatment different skin types with great results. Kindly contact us at 0917.8987546 or 0917.5157546

  42. 9-29-2013

    Good day! Im very interested to have this treatment on me. I have very dense hair on my legs and thighs. how many sessions do u think is sufficient for me to get significant reduction of hairs? I would really appreciate it if you can email me the price per session for thighs and legs. Thank you Skin House

    • 10-11-2013

      Hi Nikita, at least 6 sessions, 6 to 8 weeks apart. Depending on your skin, we will suggest the appropriate machine for you. Our lasers are USFDA approved.


  43. 10-4-2013

    i just to ask kung anu pang service ang iniooffer nyo? meron po b kaung body skin whitening?if so, how much it will cost and how many sessions it will take? thanks a lot..:)

    • 10-5-2013

      Hi Mary Joy Pura! We have Glutathione Infusion Procedures. Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant which promotes over skin lightening and well being. Continuous glutathione intravenous infusion gives the skin a lighter, luminous effect. We also have Placenta and L-Carnitane for anti-aging and weight loss. You may coordinate with our nurse for consultation. 0917 8987546 or 0917 5157546

  44. 10-9-2013

    Ilang weeks po ba hindi dapat mag.shave sa first session ng diode? Pauwi po ako ng pinap this 19 and plan ko sa magundergo ng diode bago ako uwi sa amin para makatipid sa airfare. 2250 pa rin po b ang price?

  45. 11-13-2013

    I am a client in the future. Just send me ads. Thank you very much!

  46. 11-14-2013

    how much bikini hair removal?

  47. 11-16-2013

    Thank you very much for accommodating me even though i was a little late. I’m very satisfied with the gentlemax treatment and expect further hair reduction in the next week or two. Keep up the good work !

  48. 12-5-2013

    Hi, may branch ba kayo near alabang? and may promo ba kayo for hair removal ng UA? thanks!

  49. 12-22-2013

    hello, skin house good evening meron po ba kayong branch sa makati?.para makavisit po ako now ko lang din po kasi nacheck yung website nyo.ipacheck ko po kasi underarm ko..once po ba na idiode laser hindi na po ba babalik yung hair at darkness? thank you po

    • 2-15-2014

      Hi Geralyn,

      Underarm Whitening and Laser Hair Removal are 2 separate treatments, but the skin normally improves when we don’t shave, pluck or wax anymore. You just need more sessions if in case the hair is not gone in the minimum sessions suggested. Nonetheless, you are lucky because we have only the best machines in the industry. Aside from our Medical Grade Diode Laser Hair Removal, we now have GentleMax Pro. It’s the best machine one can ever hope for at an affordable price!

  50. 1-11-2014

    hi for how much is this laser treatment?

  51. 2-6-2014

    Do you perform laser hair removal of underarm among breastfeeding moms?

    • 2-15-2014

      Hi Tessa,

      It would be best to err on the side of caution although there has been no long term studies as to the negative effects of laser hair removal to breastfeeding women. Nonetheless we can wait until breastfeeding is over before we start with laser hair removal treatment again!

  52. 5-10-2014

    How much is the laser treatment for the chest/back area?

    • 5-15-2014

      Hello Ms. Raine,

      Will that cover the upper and lower area of the chest and back? We could give you the best quotation when you come visit the clinic. For QC, please contact 0917 8987546, and for Pioneer (Ortigas), please contact 0917 8290990.


  53. 5-21-2014

    Hello do u have hair removal lesser for brazilian
    Can u txt me 09054682050

    • 5-21-2014

      lili: You may also get in touch with us through our mobile number.

      For Quezon City, 0917 8987546 or 0917 5157546 Clinic Hours Mon, Wed to Fri 11am to 8pm, Sat/ Sun 10am to 7pm
      For Ortigas (Pioneer), 0917 8290990 or 0917 7131588


  54. 6-10-2014

    Good day!

    I would like to know if do you have any current promotion for underarm diode laser hair removal?

  55. 7-15-2014

    Hi! Do you have on going promos for diode laser hair removal for underarm? Thanks!

  56. 9-30-2014

    Do you have male clients who have had their underarm hair removed? Isn’t it embarassing to go to your clinic for the whitening and hair removal? How much will it cost? I am working in Saudi Arabia and interested to undergo this procedure. Your reply will be very much appreciated. regards…

    • 12-17-2014

      Hi Ronel,

      We have both RevLite Laser for Underarm Whitening and hair removal and Hospital Grade Diode and GentleMax Laser Hair Removal. It is common to see men in our clinic because they too, want to look good.

  57. 10-3-2014

    Hi. 1st time ko lang pong ita-try ang laser treatment for underarms, may I ask if may promo po ba kayo? Interested po kasi ako. And same price lang po ba ang laser treatment sa whotening treatment nyo po? Thanks for the answer.

    • 12-17-2014

      Hi Aque,

      Now would be a good time to go to the clinic. We have Hospital Grade Diode Laser Hair Removal and Gentle Laser Hair Removal as well as RevLite Laser for Underarm Whitening. Do contact us for more info. We would love to see you in the clinic. QC 0917.898.7546 or Pasig 0917.829.0990.

  58. 2-5-2015

    Do you have on going promos for diode laser hair removal for underarm? Thanks.

    • 2-18-2015

      Hi Ms. Lovely,

      Please check your e-mail regarding diode laser hair removal for underarms. We also have GentleMax Pro, or Alexandrite and ND:Yag in one machine. Do get in touch in our branches.

      QC 0917.898.7546
      Pasig 0917.829.0990

  59. 5-23-2015

    Hi, i wouldliketo inquire if may ongoing promo kayo for rev lite? And how much po laser haor removal for underarms and full legs? Thanks

  60. 7-6-2015

    Hi.do u have any ongoing diode laser hair removal for upperlip/underarm?
    pls reply. tnx

  61. 8-9-2015

    Hi there!

    I would like to inquire if you have diode laser treatment for the upper lip and chin area please? I also would like to ask how much it costs per session is and if there is any promo regarding that. My friends and I are interested with the treatment. I hope I get a response.

  62. 11-2-2015

    How much po yung laser hair removal sa upper lip ?

  63. 12-27-2016

    How it will the total cost?

  64. 4-11-2017

    Hi, do you have a clinic or
    Partner clinic here in Mindanao?

    • 5-24-2017

      Dear Jovelle,

      At the moment, we only have two branches – QC and Pasig 🙂

  65. 4-16-2017

    How much will it cost for permanent hair removal ? ( face, lower and upper lips,chin)
    And how many session it will take? I am ofw only coming home once a year, so i need to inquire more details about this because hairs are bothering me.

    • 5-24-2017

      Dear Queenie,

      Which country are you residing? Laser hair removal either with our Medical Grade Diode or Gentlemax Pro, require multiple sessions for lasting results. You should go for treatment the moment there is hair growth, which is usually after 4 weeks. Can you please send us a viber message at 0917.829.0990?

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