1. 1-28-2013

    hi! i wanted to know d dissadvantages of botox..pls explain..is botox not harmful to everyone?

    • 3-16-2013

      Hello Edna! Kindly set an appointment with our dermatologist so she can better explain the advantages of Botox. We are using Allergan, the trusted brand of Botolinum Toxin by Board Certified Dermatologists. What area would you like to treat by the way?

      Botox basically works best when it is given as a form of prevention. When Botox is given at an earlier age, it prevents the lines from becoming more permanent. Studies seem to show that the effect lasts longer after 2 years of receiving regular dosages of Botox. The same holds true for Masseter Reduction, wherein Botox is injected in the muscle. In 2 to 4 weeks, patients will experience atrophy or reduction in the bulk of the facial muscle. This will give the patient a more feminine appearance. For more information, do come in for consultation. Our rates are quite reasonable.


      • 6-18-2015

        How much does it cost for masseter reduction?

        • 6-20-2015

          Hi Doc Daisy,

          It’s 400 per unit using Allergan for masseter reduction. Would you like to come for consultation with our derma?

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