7 acne myths busted?

Here are some homegrown acne myths that we will debunk.  If you’re a Filipino, we bet you have heard this common folklore and it’s about time you hear the truth from the expert, Skin House resident dermatologist, Dra. Cricelda Rescober-Valencia who will get your facts straight.

Dra. Cricelda Rescober – Valencia


 Menstruation to wash your face can lessen acne 

Once you hit puberty, you will hear this suggestion one way or another from a well-meaning person, whether it’s a friend or a relative.  You will be advised to put the blood of your first menstruation on your face to prevent future breakouts.  Believe me, as I know one person who actually did this, who seem to have clear skin to this day.  But before you advise someone else to do this, here is what our derma has to say.

According to our resident beauty doctor, you should not do it because it will not only irritate your skin and cause pimples, it might lead to infection.  She also mentioned the obvious that it’s really not hygienic to do so.

Myth or truth? MYTH


 Are you in love? 


 Yes, believe it or not, this is something you will hear often when experiencing an acne breakout in the Philippines.  There is even a song dedicated to it: “tigyawat sa ilong, pati na sa pisngi…” Now, before you sing to the tune, let us clarify this one out for all you people in love.


Being in love has no direct correlation to getting pimples. According to Doctor Rescober-Valencia, “If you get stressed because of love, sebum production may increase which leads to acne.”So feel free and enjoy the moment as it will not affect your skin.

Myth or truth? MYTH


It’s a teenage thing.

Some say pimples or acne will only last until your teenage years: Though this holds true for most people, it’s sadly not always the case because according to our resident dermatologist,“There is adult-onset acne as well as hormonal acne and acne mechanica (due to friction) which can occur at any age“.  If you are experiencing adult acne, the solution is to consult a derma for the best course of action to treat acne so it doesn’t lead to scarring.  Remember that prevention is always better than cure, don’t let acne become worse before going to a dermatologist.

Myth or truth? MYTH


 Wearing make-up can only make your acne worst!

This is another saying we hear so often, to go au naturel.It’s one thing to have the “no makeup, makeup look, and another thing to go bare face.”  Who does that?Our derma mentioned that: Yes, you can experience acne breakout if your makeup brushes are not washed regularly and if you use makeup brands that are not right for your skin. That’s why it is preferable to use non-comedogenic brands.

So should you stop applying make-up? No need.  A lot of women with great skin applies makeup.  Just choose the brand that’s right for you.



Can toothpaste help heal your pimples?

Yes! Believe it or not, according to the so-called friendly experts, it is supposed to heal and treat your pimples.  I could still remember my old buddy telling me with confidence how she uses it to tame her pimples and that it works.  But no, and here is the reason why – “Toothpaste causes drying which can irritate your pimple and lead to more inflammation.” So next time a friend or family recommend applying toothpaste on your acne, just kindly let them know that you would rather use it where it’s supposed to be used, on your teeth.

Myth or truth? MYTH

Your face is too dirty that’s why you have acne.


Yeap, as bad and sad as that sounds. That’s a common saying we hear often but, is it a myth or truth?

According to Doctor Rescober: “No. Acne is due to an interplay of multiple factors such as sebum, inflammation, Propionibacterium acnes bacteria and follicular hyperkeratinization. Dirt is not one of them. Having a dirty face exacerbates acne but does not cause it.”  But hey, don’t look all dirty now just because it doesn’t exactly cause pimples.

Myth or truth? MYTH

Popping your pimple the “right way” can help it heal faster?


Last but not the least, We bet you have tried it once or twice before. We understand and it’s something hard to resist especially if it’s quite red and big. But, is it good for your skin?

According to our doctor, “No. Improper handling of acne may lead to atrophic or hypertrophic scarring. Best to leave it to your dermatologist.”

As much as we want to pop those zits, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. That is why it’s advisable to have facials at least once a month.

Myth or truth? MYTH


Hope we were able to give you some enlightenment on the common beliefs passed on from one generation to the next.  You hear from your friend, who heard it from her yaya, who heard it from a grandma, who learned it from who knows where.  Follow the experts – the board-certified dermatologists- there is a science to the beauty that works.  – skin house beauty and laser clinic



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