Tired of Dark Underarms, Elbows and Bikini? Or do you simply want a clearer, lighter and more radiant face? RevLite Laser is the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas. You won’t need to cover anything up when you’re done with RevLite. No wonder this is the treatment every girl wants but cannot have, or at least used to, because now, we are offering Revlite Laser at affordable prices.


The RevLite EO Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser from ConBio, A Cynosure Company is an evolutionary step in the Company’s MedLite® series of lasers, which transformed the Asian aesthetic industry 20 years ago. Today, the RevLite is not only a preferred gold standard among Asian physicians for pigmentary issues, it stands apart as a multi-wavelength aesthetic laser that treats a wide-range of indications.


Revlite Laser makes use of the PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse (PTP), which is gently delivered deep into the skin without harming the skin’s surface. This shatters the clusters of pigment resulting in an immediate noticeable lightening effect. Aside from underarm discoloration, it is very effective for age spots, melasma and tattoos too.




Patients who used to pluck, wax or shave is always left with dark underarms. Not everyone is a good candidate with underarm skin peeling, that some patients are left with darker skin tone than when they started. Factors that may cause this is excessive sweating, hormones… Or, the patient simply does not respond well with peeling.


RevLite is a painless treatment that whitens the underarms with no downtime. It even removes the hair as a side effect. No need to be embarrassed when you have Revlite, it treats chicken skin too.


Elbows, Knees and Bikini


It is common to see women with discoloration in their elbows, knees and bikini because these areas are more prone to friction and are normally dry. It is advised to moisturize and hydrate these areas before treatment, and let Revlite do the rest.




Revlite laser toning is a non-invasive treatment that uses light energy to gently stimulate collagen production, pore reduction, remove pigmentation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Revlite works in that it stimulates the development of new collagen. Collagen is the protein that holds our skin together that breaks apart as we age due to years of sun exposure and other factors. The overall effect is improved color and texture that will make the face more radiant.


The Revlite emits light in rapid, short pulses at high peak energy for maximum efficacy and comfort. The impact feels like no more than the rubber band snapping. Results can be seen in 5 to 10 sessions.


For more information regarding Revlite treatment, contact the following branches:

Quezon City  0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987

Pasig              0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106

Clinic Hours

Mon, Wed to Fri 11am to 8pm

Sat & Sun             10am to 7pm

Tuesdays Off


  1. 1-1-2015

    How much will it cost me per session?

    • 2-18-2015

      Hello Ms. Norma,

      Thank you for your interest with our Revlite Laser for Underarm Whitening. Kindly check your e-mail for more information.
      You may also contact 0917 898 7546 for more information.

    • 3-7-2017

      Please send me packages of revlite services

      • 3-18-2017

        Hi Ms Bernadette,

        I have sent an e-mail and have gotten no reply yet. Kindly coordinate with our branches directly should you have more questions regarding our packages.

        Quezon City 0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987
        Pasig 0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106

  2. 1-2-2015

    May i know the cost for the underarm treatment service? Thank you.

    • 2-18-2015

      Hi Ms. Belle,

      Thank you for your interest with our Revlite Laser for Underarm Whitening. Kindly check your e-mail for more information.
      You may also contact 0917 898 7546 for more information.

  3. 1-10-2015

    how much it cost_ underarm treatment

  4. 1-18-2015

    how much revlite toning for face pigmentation?

    • 2-18-2015

      Hi Ketz,

      Kindly check your e-mail and get in touch regarding Revlite Laser for Skin Rejuvenation.

      Unlike Laser Skin Resurfacing, RevLite Laser Skin Rejuvenation does not actually remove the outermost layers of the skin. Skin rejuvenation uses a gentle laser to pass light harmlessly through the upper layer of skin (or epidermis) allowing the laser heat to stimulate collagen regeneration deep beneath the skin for a more youthful appearance. There is no downtime so patients can just go back to work after treatment.

      Revlite Laser Treatment is progressive in that collagen will continue to develop even after treatment. Over the next few months, the body will slowly and naturally fill in wrinkles and scars on its own. What it does is that the laser light penetrates age spots and other pigmented lesions. These areas in turn are broken apart and absorbed into the skin. The result is smoother, healthier skin with fewer fine lines, pigmentation and other imperfections. The patient will simply have a healthy glow.

  5. 1-18-2015

    How many sessions needed to whiten the under arm

    • 2-18-2015

      Hi Bernadotte,

      First, you need to remove hair via medical grade diode laser hair removal or gentlemax laser hair removal. After that, you can have between 5 to 10 sessions of Revlite Laser for underarm whitening. It would really depend on how your skin will respond to the treatment. We do have affordable packages, and we do offer excellent service. Do contact us for more information.

      QC 0917.898.7546
      Pasig 0917.829.0990

  6. 1-18-2015

    How many sessions does one need?

    • 2-18-2015

      Hello Ms. Grace,

      Assuming you are inquiring about Revlite Laser for skin rejuvenation or underarm whitening, it would take around 5 to 10 sessions to appreciate major results.

      Revlite Q-switched Nd:Yag Laser produces a special wavelength of light that is absorbed by the pigmented lesions. The laser energy is pulsed over the skin using PhotoAcoustic Technology (PTP) to gently vibrate and fragment the pigment which breaks the melanin into micro particles. These micro particles are then gradually eradicated by the body’s natural filtering process, which results in lightening or removal of the pigmented lesion.

      For more information, kindly contact our QC Branch 0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987

  7. 1-18-2015

    Hi.. i had dark underarms eversince i used kojic soap and didnot only affect my underarms but made my entire skin sensitive to whitening soaps. Is it safe to use even on sensitive skin? Can u send me more info about the procedure? Thanks.

    • 2-18-2015

      Hi Ms. Debbie,

      As a safety precaution, kindly set an appointment with our dermatologist so she can take a thorough medical history before going through Revlite or any laser procedure with us. For QC, please contact 0917.898.7546; For Pasig, please contact 0917.829.0990.

  8. 2-18-2015

    Please send rates. Thanks.

    • 2-18-2015

      Hi Ms. Roselle,

      Kindly check your e-mail for your reference regarding RevLite. We are open tomorrow (holiday). You may also contact us in our QC Branch. 0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987

      Clinic Hours Mon, Wed to Fri 11am to 8pm, Sat & Sun 10am to 7pm

      • 9-13-2016

        Hi, what is the rate for the face? And does it minimize pores?

        • 10-20-2016

          Hi Jazmyn,

          Revlite laser promotes collagen regeneration, pigment reduction, skin rejuvenation, pore size reduction and thin hair removal among others. For more information, please contact us at the following numbers.

          Quezon City ☎ 0917 898 7546 or 02 254 3987
          Pasig ☎ 0917 829 0990 or 02 542 4106

  9. 2-19-2015

    Good Day!

    Ive been checkin out your webpage and i am really interested with the service you are offering.
    I live in MegaPlaza Condo ADB avenue Ortigas pasig Vity. I want to get your information about the nearest clinic you have in the area and if you do have a price range of every services you offer i hope i can get a copy sent to my email too.

    Thank you and Regards.

    • 5-4-2015

      Hello Ms. Carla,

      Kindly coordinate with the Pioneer Branch. It is located at 8006 Pioneer St. Cor. United St. Kapitolyo, Pasig, inside Pioneer Center Supermarket. There is ample parking in the area. Clinic Hours Mon, Wed to Fri 11am to 8pm, Sat & Sun 10am to 7pm. Treatment for RevLite for a minimum of 5 sessions starts at 2000 per session.

      Contact Numbers 02.542.4106 or 0917.713.1588

    • 2-21-2016

      how to get rid of dark/black underarms?!?hey im fuoetern years old, and i have never ever shaved my underarms yet there very dark, a weirdd dark! i cant really explain it but fi scrub relaly hard but it doesnt seem to go away, its not that my whoel underarm is dark its just the area where the hair grows, and i dont have much fo trhat hair either ! and i have never waxed before! is there anythign i can do or buy that is budgetable that can make it go ALL AWAY ! likeeee nad pearsonall techniques or materials i can try ?THANK U SO MUCHH I NWOULD RELALY APPRECIATE IT !

  10. 2-22-2015

    How much does the underarm whitening cost, I’ve recently done peeling and bleaching from another skin center but I feel that it is not doing well for me. Will it be fine to automatically go through with this treatment? Thanks

  11. 3-3-2015

    How much revlite for underarm treatment per session and if need to undergo hair removal before the revlite, how much is also the treatment for hair removal per session and how many session will be needed? Thanks for your assistance.

  12. 3-4-2015

    GoodAM, I have a scar on my face due to accident when i was younger, ca this treatment erase or at least lessen the scar? Please let me know?

    • 5-4-2015

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Revlite Laser is the gold standard for pigmented lesions. It would be best though, if our dermatologist can see you in person so she can explain how this works. Kindly get in touch with us for consultation.

      Quezon City 02.254.3987 or 0917.898.7546
      Pasig 02.542.4106 or 0917.829.0990

      Clinic Hours
      Mon, Wed to Fri 11am to 8pm
      Sat & Sun 10am to 7pm
      Tuesdays Off

  13. 3-4-2015

    How much would it cost per session?

  14. 3-6-2015

    Hi mam,

    Kindly email your price package on revlite..

    Thank you!

  15. 3-13-2015

    How much will it cost for UA whitening?

    • 5-4-2015

      Hello Toni,

      Our best price is 1750 per session for the Revlite Laser for Underarms if you will avail a package. We have before and after photos document, for your perusal. If you would like to know more, kindly coordinate with our branches.

      Quezon City 02.254.3987 or 0917.898.7546
      Pasig 02.542.4106 or 0917.829.0990

      Clinic Hours
      Mon, Wed to Fri 11am to 8pm
      Sat & Sun 10am to 7pm
      Tuesdays Off

  16. 5-3-2015

    How soon can we see a difference let’s say for underarm whitening? 😀 Seriously considering this treatment as I heard this is going to be available in Pioneer pretty soon.

  17. 5-4-2015


    Just wanna know if REVLITE PIGMENT LASER can also be done for male? For facial treatment, how much it would cost? Thanks

    • 5-4-2015

      Hello Mickey,

      I have already replied to your e-mail. RevLite can be done regardless of gender. We just have precautionary pre treatment instructions. Kindly coordinate with our branches for additional information regarding Revlite Laser.

      Quezon City 02.254.3987 or 0917.898.7546
      Pasig 02.542.4106 or 0917.829.0990

      Clinic Hours
      Mon, Wed to Fri 11am to 8pm
      Sat & Sun 10am to 7pm
      Tuesdays Off

  18. 5-12-2015

    How many treatment or session for the melasma? And how much per session?

  19. 5-15-2015

    Hi, pag nagparevlite po maalis din po ba yung ua hair, meron pa din po kasing hair yung ua ko?

    • 6-20-2015

      Hi Ms. Joy,

      If the hair in your underarms is already thin, it will turn white and will fall off within 5 to 10 days. Revlite is for underarm whitening and chicken skin reduction as well usually around 10 sessions or as needed. Improvement will be documented with photos.

  20. 6-23-2015

    How much for revlite for the face? thank you!

    • 6-24-2015

      Hi Ms. Luz,

      Sent you an e-mail regarding your inquiry for Revlite Face. Please do reply.

  21. 7-12-2015

    How much per session if it is treatment for freckles on face. I read that you offer 50% disc now. Is this true? Also, where is your qc branch located. Can you give landmarks? I am from batangas city. Thanks much!

  22. 7-17-2015

    Hi, please email me all available packages you have for underarm and face.


  23. 7-21-2015

    Hi, I would like to ask if do I need to get a diode prior to revlite? My armpits hair took from 1 month to 2 before fully grown. Right now, underarm hairs are the least of my concerns. I just wanted to whiten and even out my underarm and remove chicken skin and folds. I will appreciate it if I could send some photos of my UA and assess whether I need 5 or 10 sessions so I can prepare the money prior to visiting your clinic. Thank you very much.

  24. 8-1-2015

    Hi,how much it cost me per session for knee revlite laser?do I need to ring for appointment for first visi for simple facial?

  25. 8-8-2015

    hi! i want to ask how much is the revlite laser per session and if i will avail a plan how much?thanks.

  26. 8-10-2015

    hi!may i know how much will it cost me per session of facial revlite. thank you!

    • 8-22-2015

      Hi Ms. Alex,

      We currently have buy 1 take 1 promo for first timers. Kindly wait for your my e-mail regarding Revlite for the face.

  27. 8-20-2015

    Hi,how much it cost on revlite for knee per session?

  28. 9-8-2015

    how much revlite per session for UA and for faceand how many sessions totally required? do you have any promos? the nearest place i could go is trinoma, do you have a stall or clinic there? thankyou

  29. 9-18-2015

    Syringoma treatment and melasma treatment how much ?

    • 10-20-2016

      Hi Malou,

      Price for syringoma removal is 5000 using pixel fractional co2 laser. We use revlite for melasma and for proper quotation, please contact us at
      Quezon City 0917 898 7546 or 02 254 3987
      Pasig 0917 829 0990 or 02 542 4106

  30. 10-9-2015

    Hi this will be my first time to try a treatment regarding my Dark UA. I would lile to know the price and the things I need to do first before proceeding to revlite (example diode laser removal, etc). I would love to send you pictures of my UA to know if I need 5 or 10 sessions so I can prepare the money prior to visiting your clinic. Thank you. Please send the details on my email address.

  31. 11-5-2015

    Hello. I would like to try your revlite laser treatment for the face but may I just ask if it is suitable for a person like me who has pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and facial veins? Will it minimize those?

  32. 12-8-2015

    If you have thick UA, do you need to undergo diode laser first before revlite, or you can just do it after the entire session? I have thick UA hair which grow after around a week or two, but my primary concern now is my UA color since it has become really dark due to different UA whitening products i’ve tried before. How much does each session cost for diode and revlite if ever?

  33. 12-26-2015

    Hi, how much is the Revlite face treatment for hyperpigmentation and acne spots? Thanks

  34. 12-31-2015

    Hi. I’d like to know how much it cost on revlite on knees per session? I regularly have my treatment for revlite in Belo MegaMall for 4months now (Every 2 weeks/More than 10 sessions already) But Im not yet satisfied with the result. I dont know what makes the treatment causes too long. I thought its 8 to 10 sessions, knowing the price costs me too much (P8,960 per session, knee only), but Im really not satisfied with the result. But I have no choice but to continue it just to have it done na. May I know the cost? I guess, your machines and the experience of doctors are the same, the only difference is the “name” of the clinic. Hoping for immediate response. Thanks

  35. 2-4-2016

    I want make my full body skin white,as my skin is too much tan.
    And when will I get results after doing the laser?
    How much it costs ?

  36. 2-5-2016

    Can i get your rates and do you have an ongoing promo for Revlite?

  37. 3-8-2016

    Do you accept 6 months credit card installment for your revlite for the underarm? I would like to avail the 10 sessions package. Thank you!

  38. 3-12-2016

    I would like to ask how much is the package for my face? I have pigmentations and uneven skin tone.

    Appreciate your reply. Thanks

  39. 4-1-2016

    ho hm for underarm? Same lang ba yan sa belo?

    • 4-22-2016

      Hi Ms. Debbi,

      Revlite Laser is the brand of machine from Cynosure. We use the same machine as other high end clinics. We take before and after photos for future reference and so you can check your progress as well. Kindly contact us in the following numbers.

      Quezon City
      0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987

      0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106


  40. 4-1-2016

    Good Morning.
    It it your derma who will be performing the revlite treatment? Or techicians?
    Please send your Package rates for The knees and back of the knees (the fold at the back of the
    Knee) . Thank you

    • 4-22-2016

      Hi Ms. Mai,

      Patients have the option to have the Revlite treatment performed by our associate dermatologists or registered nurses. It’s up to you. Though we automatically refer treatment for freckles and melasma to our dermatologist. Do contact us at the following numbers for more information.

      Quezon City
      0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987

      0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106


  41. 4-4-2016

    How much per session is the revlight for underarms? How many weeks intervals? Lastly, do you offer packages for revlight? Thank you.

    • 4-22-2016

      Hello Ms. Jennifer,

      Underarm Whitening using Revlite costs 3,500 per session. Interval in between sessions is 2 to 4 weeks. Aside from Revlite, our derma might suggest combination treatment to get the best outcome. For now, if you will avail a minimum of 6 sessions, package price is 12,000 (or 2,000 per session). We accept installment via cash, bdo or metrobank.


  42. 4-29-2016

    Hi. Can you please send me prices and if you have promo for revlite laser toning for face?


  43. 6-30-2016

    hi. pasend naman po ng package rates. thankyou. 😊😊

    • 8-4-2016

      Hi Ms. Yanna,

      Sent you an e-mail but got no reply. Feel free to get in touch with us through phone. 🙂

  44. 8-3-2016

    Hi, is there any laser treatment for leg scar removal that you offer? Thank you!

    • 8-4-2016

      Hi Ms. Sharmaine,

      We can either have the Pixel Fractional Co2 Laser or the Revlite Laser. We can discuss this further when you visit us for consultation with our associate dermatologist. Where are you from?

      You can contact the following number
      Quezon City
      0917.515.7546 or 02.254.3987

      0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106

  45. 8-8-2016

    How much per session for the face? Im very interested. My face have red marks and its very oily too.

  46. 8-12-2016

    Dropped by for revlite, good thing i was accommodated. I was in the area on a tuesday hehe

  47. 8-25-2016


    I have been thinking of having treatments for my face’s skin pigmentation caused by acne. Will this treatment be effective for that problem?

    • 10-20-2016

      Hi Karen,

      There are many treatments available such as diamond microdermabrasion, chemical peel, derma roller, pixel fractional co2 laser or revlite laser. Should you wish to know more about this, we would be happy to get in touch with you through phone

      Quezon City 0917 898 7546 or 02 254 3987
      Pasig 0917 829 0990 or 02 542 4106

  48. 8-26-2016

    Hi, pls send your packages to my email. I am interested in getting an underarm whitening treatment. Thanks

  49. 8-29-2016

    .,hi gud pm…is it also can treat old scars in legs?thnx

    • 8-29-2016

      .,hi gud pm…is it also can treat old scars in legs?thnx
      .,also plz indicate the price/rate…thanx alot

  50. 9-28-2016

    Hi.can you send me the prices. Thanks

    • 10-20-2016

      Hi Naomi,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Kindly contact the following numbers for ongoing rates of revlite laser. Thank you!

      Quezon City ☎ 0917 898 7546 or 02 254 3987
      Pasig ☎ 0917 829 0990 or 02 542 4106

  51. 10-2-2016

    Hi! May I request for the rates/prices for the underarm and laser treatment. Thanks!:)

  52. 10-7-2016

    hey… i want to know about revlite laser?? is this laser is q switch or yag?? or it is different from them??? plzz tell me… i really want to go for this.. does peeling occur??

    • 10-20-2016

      Hi Himshikha,

      Revlite is a qswitched nd:yag laser that target pigments. There is no downtime or peeling with this treatment. I have responded to your private e-mail, hope you can visit us soon.

      Quezon City ☎ 0917 898 7546 or 02 254 3987
      Pasig ☎ 0917 829 0990 or 02 542 4106

  53. 11-10-2016

    I have recently undergone chemical peel and it left me with dark patches on my skin. How long do i have to wait so i can have revlite treatment? Can revlite get rid of the discoloration? Approximately how much would it cost me for both legs?

    • 11-13-2016

      Hi Enaj! You can visit us 2 weeks after when peeling is completely finished. Please call us for appointment with our dermatologist.
      Quezon City
      📱 0917.898.7546 or ☎ 02.254.3987
      📱 0917.829.0990 or ☎ 02.631.0136

  54. 11-28-2016

    May I know the cost of revlite for underarm whitening? Thank you

    • 12-13-2016

      Hi Jasmin,

      Thank you for your interest with skin house revlite underarm whitening. Please check your e-mail for our reply.

  55. 12-15-2016

    Hi! How much is the cost of revlite for UA and bikini area. Thanks!

  56. 12-17-2016

    Hello, how much po yung sa underarm and bikini area? And meron po ba kayo para matanggal stretch marks?

  57. 12-18-2016

    May i kno howw much is the cost of revlite treatment for my melasma and how many sessions do i need? Will it totally fade away?

  58. 12-31-2016

    Hi, do you still offer Revlite for underarm whitening? How much does it cost?

    • 1-27-2017

      Hi Joanne,

      Please check your inbox. Hope you can have revlite with us soon!

  59. 1-13-2017

    How much is the underarm whitening treatment? Thanks.

    • 1-27-2017

      Hi Jelo,

      Please check your e-mail for the quote for revlite underarm whitening 🙂

  60. 1-18-2017

    Hello I just want to know how much would the treatment cost so I can save for it. Looking forward to hearing your response.


    • 1-27-2017

      Hi Marne,

      Please check your e-mail. Hope to see you in the clinic! 😉 #skinhouseph

  61. 1-28-2017

    How much cost for face and neck?

    • 2-19-2017

      Regular price is 4000/session and you will benefit more in terms of results and prices if you will get a package. We use settings that would promote collagen regeneration, pore size reduction, fine lines and wrinkle treatment, thin hair removal, pigment reduction and skin rejuvenation. Kindly get in touch via the following numbers.

      Quezon City 0917.898.7546
      Pasig 0917.829.0990

  62. 2-6-2017

    Hi. How much would it cost for the treatment? Thanks 🙂

  63. 2-13-2017

    How much would an underarm revlite cost? And how many sessions needed? Thank you

    • 2-19-2017

      Hello Win,

      Regular price is 2,500/session for Revlite in the underarm area. The number of sessions needed would depend on the condition of your underarms. For more information, kindly contact us at the following numbers

      Quezon City 0917.898.754

      Pasig 0917.829.0990

  64. 2-16-2017

    How much does it cost to have YAG laser treatment for underarms and face (dark lips)

    • 2-19-2017

      Hi Jow,

      Regular price for Revlite is 2500/session for the underarm area. We have discounts for package purchases. Kindly provide a contact number and preferred branch so we can discuss this in detail.

  65. 3-9-2017


    How much is it per session?and for example for 6 sessions?for underarm

    • 3-18-2017

      Hi Ms Keisy,

      Our rate is 2500/session but it will be lower if you will get a package. If you can possibly get in touch with us through phone, we can explain how the treatment works.

      Quezon City 0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987
      Pasig 0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106

  66. 3-9-2017

    What about stretch marks? Is ds revlite laser removes this marks completly?

  67. 3-18-2017

    Hi how much for the underarm whitening treatment and how many sessions do i need and weeks apart? Thanks

  68. 3-23-2017


    I will be arriving on the 30th of this month
    I will just inquire how the treatment for POST acne PIH, Both Cheeks & forehead.
    I have had 4 sessions already I just want to continue my treatment sa pinas.
    And if not inclusive ung facial, How much ung facial niyo na pwede sa pag lighten ng marks


  69. 3-27-2017

    Hi! I would just like to ask how much is your Revlite Underarm Whitening Treatment? Both underarms na po ba un?

  70. 4-2-2017

    Can this remove old scar? and how much? Thanks

  71. 4-7-2017

    hi- is it normal to have a dark spots after nung revlite?

    • 5-24-2017

      Hello Bella,

      What spots would be that be?

  72. 4-17-2017

    How much per session of Revlite? Do you have promos?

    • 5-24-2017

      Dear Mel,

      What area would you like to treat with Revlite? 🙂 For faster communication, kindly get in touch with our nurses in the following nurses.

      Quezon City
      0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987

      0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106

  73. 4-25-2017

    Hi. I just sent you an sms but I guess I’ll get faster response here.
    Can you send me Revlite packages on my email too. Thanks

    • 5-24-2017

      Hi Rachel,

      Sent you a private message. It would be faster to call the branches 🙂 Here are the numbers.

      Quezon City
      0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987

      0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106

  74. 4-30-2017

    Hi! How much is revlite for face? 🙂

  75. 5-9-2017

    Can you please send me a price quotation for the packages for the face. And also for the body parts. Thanks!
    Can this treatment remove scars from burns?

    • 5-24-2017

      Hi Ms Helga,

      I can send you quotation for Revlite Beauty. We use different settings for skin rejuvenation and treatment of open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. For the other body parts, kindly contact our nurses for more information.

      Quezon City
      0917.898.7546 or 02.254.3987

      0917.829.0990 or 02.542.4106

  76. 6-14-2017

    Hi, how much would it cost? And do you offer package deals? Thank you.

  77. 7-17-2017

    I would like to inquire on price of your revlite for underarms. Thank you.

  78. 7-23-2017

    How much is the revlite laser for underarm? How much for package? Do u have clinic near in MOA?

  79. 7-23-2017

    Hi, how much per session ng revlite for face, i have issues with acne scars and present acnes aswell but its not too much i have like 3 to 5 present acnes. Email me back! Thanks

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