It’s all about the beauty drip

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If you’re a beauty junkie you might have heard of the beauty drips. It is much talked about in the beauty community and the social media spectrum, though for some this might be something new or unheard of, a lot of women are already having it done for obvious reasons. For those already benefiting from what it can do, it is definitely worth the investment.   With technology gradually changing and improving, it’s not new that the beauty industry is tagging along. So long is the glutathione pills that you have to drink with collagen pills or vitamin C at least twice a day to achieve that whiter and glowing skin.  Though readily available and more cost-effective, scientists and researchers have known for quite some time, that oral glutathione makes little to no difference at all.  It’s well documented that glutathione available in supplement form, is mostly destroyed through the digestive process.  Therefore, it is of little to no difference, unless it can penetrate the cell walls, which it cannot.   Now with the IV beauty drips, it’s easier and faster!  No need to wait for months to achieve your dream skin! So how does this work? Glutathione along with other vitamins and mineral cocktails are directly injected into our bloodstream just like a normal IV Drip for optimal results. About 90% of the nutrients get retained by our body since it is coursed through the veins. This procedure is performed by our highly trained nurses so rest assured that it’s guaranteed safe. But fret not, as this is performed by our highly trained nurses. The platinum beauty drip which is our clinic favorite, what with all the anti aging, rejuvenating and whitening benefits it gives, takes about 15 minutes with a good vein and about 45 minutes if you want to take the slow route. When done every one to two weeks interval, you can see that your skin looks more vibrant and radiating with youthful glow.   Skin House offers different variants of the beauty drips, depending on how fast you want to see the results.  We also have something that would hasten your metabolism or simply the variant that aids with anti aging.  For the conservatives, we have the IV Glutathione Push with Vitamin C that does the trick. Before you take the plunge and hop on the beauty wagon, here are a few things to consider. Never use for people under chemotherapy. It may decrease the potency of anti-cancer drugs. Not advised for people with chronic kidney failure and liver problem because it may cause digestive complications such as sever pain and persistent diarrhea. Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, May worsen asthmatic episodes, thus it is not recommended for asthmatic individuals. If all is well and good, take that phone and get that much needed beauty boost.                                                                  ...

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